Monday, November 14, 2011

What’s with Honda’s mystery electric sports car?

The all-new electric sports car unveiled by Honda has made car enthusiasts throughout the world scratch their heads.

Honda’s “Small Sports EV Concept” is an open-top two seater car that offers a view on what next-generation plug-in performance vehicle could look like.

Honda executives, however, have provided few details about the new car. This prompted speculations as to where it may fit in the future line-up of the Japanese carmaker.

Some says the concept will replace the S2000, while others suggest it is a new interpretation of the NSX. Others claim it is a rival to the Porsche Boxster, while some indicates that it could rival BMW’s forthcoming i8 hybrid supercar.

The carmaker has said little about the car, just saying that it is “fun to drive while achieving excellent environmental performance”.

The concept’s styling features some cues from the Civic Type R and the CR-Z hybrid hatch, which will be released domestically in the next few weeks. They include an aggressive front-end design with oversized intakes, broad tail-light assembly and sleek, slim headlights.

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