Sunday, November 13, 2011

Charging station recharges Nissan LEAF in less than 30 minutes

Electric vehicles will become more accessible thanks to an all-new, affordable quick-charge station that will be launched by Nissan North America (NNA), in cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation.

The DC fast charger will set you back a reasonable $9,900, which is one-third of the purchase price of comparable products now offered in the market.

You can choose from an outdoor or indoor version, which both utilize a 480V electric current. Both versions will take less than 30 minutes to recharge the Nissan LEAF’s batteries to up to 80 percent.

The quick-charge station will first be offered in the US.

Thousands of these chargers are expected to be installed throughout the country, said Brian Carolin, vice president for sales and marketing at NNA. This will allow EVs like the Nissan LEAF to go farther distances.

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