Sunday, November 06, 2011

Nissan teams up with Nova Scotia on EVs

Zero-emission cars will soon be introduced in the province of Nova Scotia, thanks to an agreement signed by the province, Nova Scotia Power and Nissan Canada.

The three partners inked the memorandum of understanding based upon a mutual agreement that electric vehicles (EVs) are among the best solutions to lessen carbon dioxide emissions from cars, said the carmaker.

“This announcement adds the province of Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Power to a growing list of like-minded partners equally as committed as Nissan to promote and encourage the adoption of zero-emission vehicles as a way to combat climate change. As a manufacturer, we provide innovative vehicles that Canadians love and want to drive, but our partners play an important role in helping build the infrastructure support for electric vehicles that will make a roll-out of the Nissan Leaf and other electric vehicles in Nova Scotia possible.”

--Allen Childs, head of Nissan Canada

Under the agreement, Nissan will sell 10 Leafs to Nova Scotia Power for its ShareReady Electric Vehicle scheme. The program aims to gather information to better understand the effects of the use of EVs in Nova Scotia province.

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