Sunday, November 20, 2011

Take the stress out of car crash with a new iPhone app

Motorists can now take some of the stress out of a car collision thanks to a new iPhone application that provides them with all the necessary information, tools and tips they need in case of a crash.

Unveiled by CARSTAR Automotive Canada, the Unhappen My Accident application can be downloaded from CARSTAR or from the Apple iTunes App store. This free application stores essential crash and driver information like emergency contact, vehicle and insurance details.

There is also a button that displays the steps to be taken after a crash, such as taking pictures of the damage, recording crash details and finding the nearest CARSTAR location for necessary repairs. The iPhone app also offers 24/7 access to an experienced operator who can answer any questions and guide motorists through the process.

“In our experience at CARSTAR, we know that even the most seasoned drivers can become flustered in an accident situation,” said Lisa Mercanti-Ladd, AVP of marketing and client services.

“But the Unhappen My Accident app can be particularly useful to parents of young drivers. It can help mitigate many of the accident pitfalls young drivers commonly face, usually as a result of panic and inexperience, and potentially minimize the cost and aggravation for the driver, their family and insurance company,” she added.

For every application download, CARSTAR will donate a dollar to a total of up to $10,000 to Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

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